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10 Ways the Serve App Can Get You Sharing

Posted by Kevin D. Hendricks on 18 May 2011

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We learned how to share in kindergarten, but by now most of us have forgotten. Let's rediscover sharing. Here are 10 ways you can start sharing with the Serve App:

Share those Killer Bunnies!

1. Game group - Launch a board game group and swap and share your games. Share your love of Settlers of Catan, Risk, Killer Bunnies, Ticket to Ride or Apples to Apples.

2. Snowmobile - Sure, you ride that snowmobile all weekend long, every weekend. But you could still share the fun when you're lashed to your desk at work. Let someone else soar across the powder when you can't.

3. Paint supplies - Most people have a collection of painting supplies from the last time they redecorated. Brushes and rollers and drop cloths, oh my, sitting idly until the next great inspiration hits. Save your friends some cash and lend out your painting supplies.

4. Nursery swap - It takes a lot to wear out baby gear, so give it away and reuse it. Set up a group for your church's nursery and use the Serve App to encourage parents to give away and reuse cribs, highchairs, diaper bags, pack ‘n' plays, strollers and all the baby gear that isn't worn out after six months of drool.

5. Snow blower - You've got the biggest, baddest snow blower on the block. But your driveway and sidewalks aren't that big. You're squandering all that horsepower. Let the people borrow your snow blower after a big snowstorm. Or better yet, volunteer to lend your time and muscle to do it for them.

6. Redbox for your church - No need to hit up the Redbox or scour Netflix, borrow from your friends at church. Start a new group for movie lovers and load up the Serve App with DVDs you're willing to loan out. You can give recommendations and offer families a wider selection of appropriate movies for the kids.

7. Pickup truck - Every now and then people need a big ol' pickup truck to haul stuff. Lumber, dirt, boulders, wicker furniture—manly stuff. If you've got the truck, share the love.

8. Sports equipment - Your golf clubs, snowboard, skis, rollerblades, ice skates and more that have consumed a corner of your garage could easily be shared. You're not the sports giant rocking the field every weekend, so share the gear.

9. Share a room - If you've got a spare room you could share it. A college student with a gap between summer housing and the dorms opening, a missionary home on furlough or a guest speaker in town for the weekend could all use a place to stay.

10. Framed art - You've got posters, paintings and prints in frames that lost out to pictures of your family and multiple redecorating efforts. You can't bring yourself to get rid of them, but you can share them. That art deco print will do more good hanging on someone's wall than it will sitting in your basement.

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