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Upper Room in Minneapolis Does it Right

Posted by Caleb Rotach on 7 November 2012 |

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We've seen some amazing launches happening this fall. We couldn't be more proud of our new churches and the creativity they are pouring into their launches. One church here in Minneapolis really blew us away. 


Upper Room is a vibrant community (they prefer this title to church) that has made waves in the Twin Cities in recent years. Worship at Upper Room is always hard hitting and ground shaking. Their services find that difficult balance between modern and intense yet still genuine and relatable. The result is an experience that leaves you amped up on the Spirit and ready to take on the week. Plus, they have a handle (pun intended) on how to leverage new technologies for the benefit of their community. Simply stated, they rock.  

For 10 months they have been planning their launch of the Table. Launch Sunday coincided with the beginning of a new sermon series focused on innovation in their community. The title of the first installation was "Rethinking Community." Enter, the Table.

Computers lined the santuary with helpful Table team members wearing Table logo t-shirts . They also invited me, Caleb, to be a part of the fesitivities! (More on that in a later blog). But, the crown jewel on this impecably planned launch weekend was Pastor Joe's pithy words about the Table. You cannot understate the value of having a pastor that really "gets like" like Joe. Listen to what he had to say...



"Life on life." I love that. Hats off to Keith (@KeithKlingen), Nathan (@nathannerland) and the rest of the Upper Room Community (@urminneapolis) launch team. Thanks for letting us be a part of your amazing launch weekend!

To listen to the full sermon, click here.


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Case Study: Giddings First Assembly of God

Posted by Kevin D. Hendricks on 10 October 2012 |

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Giddings First Assembly of God in Giddings, Texas, is a rural congregation with an average weekly attendance of around 130. They launched the Table in the spring of 2011. The congregation is led by Senior Pastor Pat Herlitz. His son, Luc Hertliz, was instrumental in launching the Table. Luc is an associate pastor and focuses on creative arts and media.

How did you prepare for the launch?

Pat: My son had launched his first Table while on staff at a church plant is the Detroit area. That launch did not take off quite as well as his second attempt here. He learned from his early mistakes. One of the first things he did was require the pastors to get on first and he worked with us for weeks before we launched it to the congregation.

Luc: The problem in Detroit was that I moved four days after the Table went live. Your system was new and I ended up moving to Texas. Because I didn't have a chance to get much "buy-in" it never really took off. It's a pretty tech-forward church, but without leadership pushing it forward, it just collapsed. Here in Texas, I took a more hands-on approach. All staff are required to be a part of the Table. We keep it very active.

What did you learn from that experience?

Luc: Leadership buy-in is imperative.

What kinds of things did you do to encourage people to check out the Table?

Pat: When we were ready to launch we made use of the posters (24 x 36" in the foyer) and we used the promo video in our video announcements.

Luc: I demoed it after service in the foyer. Plus our church shut down its Facebook prayer wall and moved it to the Table.

What specific steps really seemed to help with the launch?

Luc: Seeing the leaders and staff involved, clear demonstration of the value of the service and a demonstration of its ease of use.

How has it been going at First Assembly?

Luc: Our Prayer Wall is exploding.

Pat: I see Prayer Wall posts daily. The Serve App has not quite caught on, but the prayer app is invaluable.

Do you have some stories you can share?

Luc: My personal story is about when my dad had a tragic accident and had to be airlifted to an Austin hospital. While I followed the ambulance to our local hospital (before he was helicoptered) I put an urgent prayer request on the Table. Instant notification came to me minutes later with incoming prayers.

Are there ways that the Table uniquely helps a rural congregation?

Pat: Since going to the hospital requires a 40-60 minute drive, the Table is invaluable in terms of feeling connected to our brothers and sisters who are hospitalized.

Often there's a stereotype that rural populations aren't as tech savvy or plugged in. How has your rural community adapted to a digital space?

Pat: While rural defines us, we are not technophobes. It is safe to say the vast majority of people over 18 who attend regularly participate in our Table to some degree. Giddings is as smart phone connected percentage wise as Austin. When I walk through my Wal-Mart; I see as many bluetooth ear pieces per capita as I see when I am in Austin.

Sometimes people think small churches already have community and don't need the Table. How is the Table helping you as a small church?

Pat: It really has been the Prayer Wall that has created the most connection. One woman started attending our church on special occasions about three years ago. We'd maybe see her six times a year. After she joined the Table and added a photo, she started posting regularly. Before I could encourage her to come to church more, she did. She's now coming to church twice a week.

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What's New app is live

Posted by Jason Wenell on 21 September 2012 |

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The What's New App is live and ready for action! What is it you ask? Well, it's What's New! This application, which has been added to all areas of the platform by default, creates a whole new interface to interact with content on the Table. Instead of having to go looking for new content, the What's New App aggregates it all into one live stream.

View prayers, events, photos, service opportunities, shared items and discussions in one place. It doesn't just change the way you view content, but also how you interact with it. Intrigued? Watch the quick demo video and view some of the highlights below. 

Video overview



What's New Video from The Table Project on Vimeo.




RSVP to an event, pray for someone, volunteer to serve or keep a discussion rolling. All from one interface. 


The "Post" dropdown allows you to quickly navigate to any posting screen within the Table. Just choose the type of content you want to post and away you go. 


Comment on any piece of content right from the What's New App. Once you comment, the content gets bumped to the top, so the most popular content gets seen more often. 



No need to refresh, the What's New App will notify you when there is new content to see. Just click the blue bar and boom...hello new stuff. 


Afraid of getting important items lost in the stream? No worries. As an admin, you can promote content and it will automatically bump to the top every 4 hours. We know, we haven't sent you a super hero cape yet, but we still think you're special. 


And in all its glory


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We have struggled for many years in finding a consistent way to "disciple" our members throughout the week.

Posted by Jason Wenell on 18 September 2012 |

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Do you have your own story about using the Table at your church? Post it here


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Table Pro is here!

Posted by Jason Wenell on 6 September 2012 |

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Watch the feature overview video or view feature highlights below.


Table Pro: Feature Overview and How-To from The Table Project on Vimeo.

Add a 1200x300 hero image to add visual branding to your Table platform
Coming soon - Customize CSS templates

Edit naming conventions to match your organization

Here are some examples:

Change Top level entity from "Church" to "Community"
Change Second level entity from "Campus" to "Satelite location"
Change Third level entity from "Group" to "Team"
Change User entity from "Me" to "Dashboard"





You are a unique organization and therefore have a wide-range of different types of groups, teams and sub-communities. 

Now edit the group categories on the Table to better allign with your organiztion's structure. 





Edit all the staff roles in your organization. You have uniqe positions and titles and we want the Table to reflect them. 





Instead of using our subdomain, such as use a URL of your choosing. A custom URL represents your brand better and makes remembering your Table community address a little easier. 





The App directory is a collection of useful communication apps, blogs, podcasts and video streams. Now you have complete control of it.

Choose which apps are visable in the app directory, what categories they belong to and which ones are default for every page. 

Not a fan of the "Christian Post" as a default app on the "Me" tab? No problem, now you can change it.



Table Pro FAQS


How do I get it?

Currently, you must first create a free Table account before you can upgrade to Pro. Once you have a Table Account, go to the "Manage" section and you will see a "Go Pro" button along the main navigation. 



Why are you releasing a Pro version?

Over the last couple years, organizations outside of the church have been itching to utilize the Table software. Many non-profit organizations, ministry networks, schools, associations etc. are interested in connecting their constiuents, volunteers and employees on a social platform to encourage collaboration. Up until now, we have had to either say no, or put our focus on customizing one instance of the Table for their use. With Table Pro, these organizations can customize everything they need to without needing to interact with us. Table Pro will also be beneficial to churches that desire a greater level of flexibility than what the current free option offers. 

Table Pro will also help fund further developent of all facets of the Table Project. As a non-profit organization, generating revenue is secondary to ministry impact. However, we still want to be good stewards of our resources and believe that offering a "subscription" based product will put us in an even better position to serve the church long-term. 


Why isn't it free?

We still believe in the free model and will continue to focus on making the free verion of the Table better. With Table Pro, we recognized a win-win opportunity: build out functionality that would benefit a wider range of organizations and create a revenue channel to fuel continued growth. And we still made sure to price it so that churches could take advantage of the new features without a huge commitment.


Is the free version going to suck now?

The Table Project has always been commited to "gifting" our community software to churches and nothing has changed. We feel strongly about not polluting our free version with banner ads and such and continue to stick by that. We also are making the free version better than ever with recent updates such as the email digest, Discussion Board for iOS, calendar exporting, and future releases like the What's New app. We believe the addition of a paid version of the Table will only strengthen the free version in the future.


Will going "Pro" interfere with our F1 integration?

Upgrading to Table Pro will not interfere with any of your current integrations. It is a seemless process and your users will not even know it happened until they see the cool customization you have added. 


If we upgrade, will we loose any data?

No. Your data isn't effected at all.


Do I have to sign a contract?

No. We hate contracts. 


We are a large organization. After we pass 2500 users, is it really only $100/mo? What's the catch? 

No catch. We want our pricing packages to be easy to understand. There are only two levels: $50 or $100. And it is based on real users, not the "size of your organization". We rather have many organizations at a relatively low price point than going after a few big fish. If you want to pay more...we are a 501-(c)(3), so you can always donate if you think it is too cheap. 


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September's Table 101

Posted by on 4 September 2012 |


If you're curious about the Table join us for next week's Table 101 webinar. We'll give a tour of the Table, talk about best practices for launching the Table and take questions at the end. It's a great opportunity to learn more about the Table and see if it's a fit for your church.

We offer the Table 101 on the first Wednesday of every month. The next Table 101 is Wednesday, September 5sth at 3 p.m. CDT.

Register now for this free webinar.

(If you can't make it for the live webinar, check out the archived Table 101 webinar from May.)



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Sneak peek at New features like Table Pro and the What's New app

Posted by Jason Wenell on 27 August 2012 |

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Just in case you missed our Webinar highlighting our last couple releases and debuting the new features that are just around the corner. Check out the video to see all the details. 




Here is a quick preview at some of the features discussed. 




The What's New app will aggregate all new content into a visual stream that is updated in real-time. This will make the browsing experience on the Table much better as you can not only view all new content from one area but also intereact with it. Pray for people, post comments, commit to serve items and discuss a topic all from one application. 




Table Pro is debuting in September and is a monthly subscription option for organizations ($50/mo under 2500 users and $100/mo for over 2500 users) that want extra customization. Add a large header image to increase brand awareness. 




Adjust naming conventions to better fit your organization. This option now opens the Table up to organizations outside of the Church that are interested in connecting their constiuates, volunteers or employees. 




Control what Apps show up in the app directory and adjust defaults for every page on the Table. 




We will always host the Table for you but if you want to decide where people find it, add a custom URL that matches your brand. 


Other features include editing staff roles and group categories. 


Any church can upgrade to Table Pro and it will not effect your current data or integrations. Soon you will see a "Go Pro" button on your SuperAdmin dashboard. We make it easy to try out. There are no contracts, so cancel anytime. Enjoy!

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You Can't Do That on Facebook: Serve

Posted by Kevin D. Hendricks on 6 August 2012 |

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People often point to Facebook and wonder why the church would even need the Table. Facebook is ideal for outreach, but it falls short at building community. That's what the Table is all about. We encourage churches to use Facebook and the Table together. But the fact is there are things you can't do on Facebook that the Table is designed to do.

Like serving one another.

Serving & Sharing on the Table
The Table's Serve App allows you to post volunteer needs and items to give away or share. It's a way to help and encourage the church to serve one another. When you're posting needs, you can add specific tasks, invite people to get involved and more. When you're giving away or sharing stuff, you can post a picture, categorize what you have available and easily re-post something to loan out again. You can even see a record of how many people have been served or items shared.

It's designed for the church to serve each other. It encourages an attitude and culture of serving and sharing. That's pretty cool.

Serving & Sharing on Facebook
Not so much on Facebook. You can certainly post needs and give away or share things on Facebook, but not very well. You'd have to post those things as a status update, which means the system doesn't encourage you to serve or share, people aren't expecting it and there's no place to go to find a bunch of needs to serve.

You could certainly give away a random item or ask for help with something like moving, and you'll get a response. But there's no culture of serving. It's a one-time thing and it's not likely to happen again.

There are some marketplace apps on Facebook that allow for classified listings like Craigslist, and a few that offer Freecycle-like sharing, but they're pretty buried, not widely used and don't allow for posting volunteer needs.

Squash Apathy
The Table is designed to squash apathy. We're built that way. Facebook? Maybe it'll step on apathy once or twice by accident, but that's about it.

Of course that shouldn't be too surprising. Facebook is a worldwide social network that's designed for loose connections. It doesn't foster intimate community and that means it's not a good place for serving and sharing to take place. But the Table is designed for that intimate community. It makes serving and sharing natural, the way it should be in church.

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August's Table 101

Posted by Caleb Rotach on 30 July 2012 |

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If you're curious about the Table join us for next week's Table 101 webinar. We'll give a tour of the Table, talk about best practices for launching the Table and take questions at the end. It's a great opportunity to learn more about the Table and see if it's a fit for your church.

We offer the Table 101 on the first Wednesday of every month. The next Table 101 is Wednesday, August 1st at 3 p.m. CDT.

Register now for this free webinar.

(If you can't make it for the live webinar, check out the archived Table 101 webinar from May.)


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Email: Have it Your Way

Posted by Caleb Rotach on 19 July 2012 |




Remember these ads?

Priceless aspects of this video: the hat, the turtlenecks, the customer's right to choose! 

We here at the Table Project want you to have as much or as little ketchup as you want!! Okay, this is getting to be a stretch. Cue the drumroll and let's get on with it. 

You asked for it, now it's here, the Email Digest!


Most of us aren't able to check the Table 16 times a day. We want to know what's happening but we don't always want to comb our inbox to find it. Well, now, you can have it your way. Sign up for an Email Digest from the Table by going to Edit Profile > Notifications & Email.

By selecting Highlights from the Simple Setting menu (seen below) you will be signed up to recieve those alerts in digest form. To further customize your digest click the Advanced Settings link. 


In the Advanced Settings menu you can hand pick what you get notified about and how. Click the icons to green to turn them on and grey to turn them off.


Still not enough ketchup for you? We have more features coming your way this summer. We are so excited that we've been able to commit time to real tangible features--stuff you can see and feel. Performance upgrades are great and scalability is exciting but they are exciting the same way that removing a sliver is, worthwhile but painful. Now we're letting the devs off their leashes and knocking out some highly requested features! (Note: No devs were harmed in the making of this platform.)

And we're not done yet. We have more big news coming your way very very soon. As always, stay tuned. 


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