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We're not about global connection, we're about local engagement.

  • Overview

    Platform highlights

  • Communication

    Deliver the right message in the right place

  • Directory

    Engagement starts with introductions

  • Prayer

    Pray with and for each other in the moment of need

  • Serving

    Connect skills and resources to community needs

  • Content

    Don't reproduce your content, just bring it all into one place

  • ChMS Integration

    Add the social frosting to your current church database

  • Mobile Apps

    Take your church with you wherever you go.

Watch the overview

The Four Legs of the Table

Knowing each other's names and faces is the start of real community. Search by interests, skills, or even neighborhood.

Church should continue after the service ends. The Table helps people, team and small groups interact daily.

Rally your community to pray for one another in the moment of need, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Mobilizing your church to serve has never been so easy. Apathy doesn’t stand a chance.

Share photos easily.


  • Create albums
  • Upload multiple photos
  • Add comments

Share photos with the entire church or just within your group. The Table makes it easy to capture memories from church events, mission trips and small group gatherings.

Customize with apps.

Make It Unique

  • App directory with tons of cool content
  • Add any RSS feed from the web

Each community member can also create their own dashboard to customize their Table experience.

Church events diversified.

Plan Events

  • Agenda and month view
  • Event RSVP
  • Recurring events

There are so many teams and small groups with events that don’t even make the official church calendar. The Table empowers group leaders to create events while making it easy for community members to RSVP to them.

Deliver the right message to the right audience

Targeted heat-seeking messages

"Quicknotes" are 140-character messages that find their target. Just write the message and hit "Send." Recipients will receive your message on the Table via text or email depending on their preferences. Focus on the message, not the method.

Goodbye blanket announcements

Send targeted announcements and save your congregation time. Don’t send announcements about the women’s retreat or neighborhood playgroup to everyone. You can choose who receives messages based on gender, age, ZIP code, interests and much more.

Fully integrated SMS.

Custom communication

  • Each user chooses how they get messages
  • SMS gateway delivers pure texts

Don’t worry about how other people want to communicate. Some people prefer texts, others prefer email. That’s OK. With Table Quicknotes you worry about the message, we’ll worry about the method.

Concise & accessible notes.

Fellowship starts with hello

  • Everyone can communicate via Quicknotes
  • 140-character limit, built-in link shortener
  • Name auto-complete with pictures

Often an email or a phone call is a little too intimate to make a new connection. Quicknotes are a great new way for your community to break the ice and introduce themselves to someone they don't know. Its easy, brief and fun. You'll see!

Targeted announcements.

Deliver a relevant message

  • Bright announcement area on every page
  • Broadcast via age, gender, skills and more
  • Add links to more information

People pay attention to information that fits them. While maybe 20% of your email newsletter interests each recipient, the targeted announcement bar makes sure your content is relevant every time.

Community starts with knowing people's names and faces

Being known just got easy

The picture directory helps your community break the ice and get to know each other better. Why keep doing an outdated paper directory when the Table does it for you?

are back.

Find church members from down the street with the mapping tool. Neighborhoods are making a comeback and we’re here to help.

Search as you type.

Live search

  • Searches names, location and tags
  • Blazing fast search times

Finding the right person or group is easy as pie with the live search tool. Just start typing in the search box and-bang!-results as you type.

Filter for quick results.

Search filters

  • Search just names, just tags, or both
  • Age and gender filter
  • Sort by alphabet, newest, or random

Filters are your friend. Especially when you can’t remember a name or just want to browse the directory. The five different filters will narrow your results and help you find who you're looking for.

Share what you want.

Custom profiles

  • Privacy settings
  • Add Twitter status and network links
  • Share interests, skills, and favorite verses

Each member decides what to share and with whom. The privacy settings allow them to share their information with everyone, friends or only staff. Members can share their Twitter status and Facebook profile as well as their interests and gifts.

Be a community of prayer every day of the week

Prayer in the moment of need.

We all need prayer, support and encouragement at different times in our journey. The Prayer app helps your community pray for each other right when it’s needed most.

God is moving, hear the stories.

The stories of God moving are rarely shared on the news and yet He is answering prayer and doing miracles daily. Your community has the stories and we help people tell them!

Unique posting options.

Each prayer is different

  • Mark prayers as urgent
  • Post anonymously if the topic is sensitive
  • Post easily to different locations

Each prayer request is different and the Table accomodates that. Urgent requests get marked with a red flag to draw attention while posting anonymously removes your name and picture. You can also get notified in real time when people pray for you.

Search and browse entries.

Find requests easily

  • Filter to see urgent prayer requests
  • Filter for those not yet prayed for
  • Search by keyword

Your community is full of different experiences and wisdom. Encouraging someone when you have been in their shoes is so helpful. Search prayer requests by keyword or make sure you always see requests that haven’t been prayed for yet.

Commenting engine.

Comments of encouragement

  • Click pray now and/or leave a comment
  • Comment thread on every request

Often you have more to say than "I’m praying for you." Comment with a word of encouragement, a personal story or even post your prayer right under the request.

Goodbye apathy, we're about saying less and doing more

Community needs meet people's skills.

Match the needs of your community with your skills, interests and location. "I want to serve but don’t know how," is a thing of the past.

Sharing is easier than consuming.

We all have things we only use once in a while. Have a table saw? Share it with your small group. Need a trailer? Borrow it from a friend at church. Sharing resources is what defined a healthy faith community in Acts 2.

Task management.

Choose tasks that fit you

  • Commit to a task or clarify with a question
  • Invite others to the service opportunity

Commitment controls keep any effort organized, whether it’s a personal need or a church volunteer opportunity.

Map integration.

Find opportunities near you

  • Integrated with Google maps
  • Locate a place to serve or an item to borrow

One of the keys to getting people involved is to make it easy. Your members can find opportunities in their neighborhood or workplace with a quick map search.

Completion reports.

Reports help drive momentum

  • Visual feedback of completed projects
  • View all completed items to see all activity

Stories of accomplishment serve to encourage your congregation, fuel more action and help in setting goals. As you create a movement of love in your community, share the story.

Goodbye Apathy, we're about saying less and doing more

Blogs, podcasts, video, all together.

The Table was built to bring all your current content in, so you don’t have to reproduce it. Your community can interact with all of your blogs, video channels and podcasts while they pray for each other or interact in their small group.

Flexibility with apps

Each church, campus, small group and individual can customize their pages with apps. Add a prayer wall, discussion board or classifieds app.

Media apps.

Bring in video and podcasts

  • Integrates your podcast or vidcast feed
  • Video app displays your YouTube channel
  • Pop-out media player

You’ve worked hard to create videos, podcasts, blogs and other content for your church. Automatically feed them to the Table so your community can find them all in one place.

Content apps.

Sprinkle in great content

  • Use apps to add flavor to your group page
  • Add any RSS feed to your page
  • Bible and verse memorization apps

We've perused the web and hand-picked the best resources available. Browse the app directory for content from thought leaders on topics such as youth ministry, technology, current events, music, business, missional living and spirtual life.

Third party apps.

Useful integrations

  • Display your church's Google Calendar
  • Subscribe to calendars in iCalendar format
  • Add Couple Check-up, build your marriage

There’s no need to recreate the wheel. The Table is a platform that can integrate third party apps. But it gets better. Soon you’ll be able to build your own app with our open API.

Add community goodness to your ChMS

Automatically sync profiles.

Always have up-to-date information with our two-way profile syncing system. Connect the Table to your ChMS and let us handle the rest. Whether someone updates their information on the Table or directly to your database, it syncs automatically.

Invites pre-populate fields.

To make sign-up even easier for your community, The Table pre-populates the fields with their data from your ChMS. It also automatically connects their account for syncing purposes.

Current ChMS systems supported:
Fellowship One

Account matching engine.

Easily connect accounts

  • Manually connect loose accounts
  • Visual matching with color and ranking
  • New accounts update your ChMS as well

Our matching system recognizes duplicate data and makes it easy to connect accounts. No more duplicate data or worrying about where information was entered first.

User verification.

We make sure it's right

  • Users verify when their info is changed
  • Verification is required before entering

When someone updates their account via your ChMS, they are asked to verify the new information the next time they enter The Table. We know data integrity is importanct to you, so make sure it’s right.

Attribute management.

Control your roll-out

  • Fellowship One Attributes assist with invites
  • Invite individuals, groups, or everyone

Do you want to rollout The Table in stages? First some individuals, then some small groups and finally the church. Setting invite attributes in Fellowship One allows you to control your invite strategy.

Bring your church with you


Pray for one another and post prayer requests right from your phone. Add a reminder to help you pray for those in need.


Search the directory by name or face. View profile and turn on the "Name Game" to help you learn and remember names of people in your church.


View the latest volunteer opportunities, and commit to helping. Check out the latest items shared and get in touch with the owner (iOS only).


View your quicknotes in the new conversational view and send quicknotes easily to your friends, group members or someone new at church (iOS only).

Let's go! download

Android iPhone

Groups on the go.


Groups interaction

  • View and message group members
  • Respond to group needs
  • Pray for group prayer requests

Interacting with your groups on the go has never been easier. Share prayer requests, contact each other via quicknote, email or phone, and serve one another on the Serve app.

Built uniquely for you.


Getting personal

  • Serve items recommended just for you
  • Track your prayers and commitments
  • View friends, and process requests

The app has all kinds of features to help the individual engage more at church. Features such as prayer and service item reminders help us do what we say and using our phone to update or add a profile pic helps fight anonymity within your church body.

Branded for your church.



  • Your church logo
  • Beautiful mute interface

The Table iPhone app has an elegant and simple interface that works well with any church brand. When you first enter the app you see the church logo, which then fades out to reveal the church dashboard.