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New Google Calendar App

Posted by Kevin D. Hendricks on 24 August 2011

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Google Calendar users rejoice! We just created a new app that lets you embed a Google Calendar within the Table. If your church uses Google Calendar—which is a great, free calendar solution—this could be a good way to tie your events and the Table together.

While this app does offer a quick, convenient solution, we understand that it's not ideal. Full integration between the Table calendar and Google Calendar is ideal and that's what we're working on. But that's a pretty complicated integration and we want to take the time to get right. We rolled out this embeddable Google Calendar app in response to customer suggestions, to give you something you can use right now while we work on the fully integrated calendar.

SuperAdmins can click on "Add Apps" and search for "Google Calendar" to add this app to your Church page. Group owners can also add it to their groups and Members can add it to their Me page.



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